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One Africa is a small owner-run initiative inspiring unique and real safari experiences in Africa

Sustainable ecotourism models in Africa …
At One Africa we are creating a small handful of individually unique and relevant projects across Africa which can serve as models for sustainable conservation-centred ecotourism. Our approach is relatively simple: to achieve sustainable relationships between man and the environment one has to consider the whole picture. Local micro-economy can not be purely reliant on ecotourism, but should have a self-sufficiency element to it. Our mission is to preserve wild Africa, assist her people in realizing their role in Africa’s environmental equation, and to offer unique unparalleled safari experiences which bring benefits to our guests, the environment, and its inhabitants (four-legged as well as two).

Specialised management & marketing
We are also ready to develop innovative management & marketing strategies with existing operators in the world of African ecotourism. We like to think we can bring an element of holism and relevancy to the safari industry, whilst ensuring guests, agents and the market as a whole receive a real and personal safari experience.

Inspiring unique safari experiences …
Through our exciting and unusual projects, we at One Africa go all-out to host unique African safari experiences which inspire and appeal to first-timers and seasoned Africaphiles alike. It is our belief that a fresh and real approach is required in the somewhat stale world of African travel - a passionate approach that caters for the extraordinary individual and not the common collective.