One Africa
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The safari industry in Africa has become largely inert due to a lack of imagination; there is a distinct sense of commerciality replacing passion…

One Africa sees this as an opportunity not to be missed... an opportunity to put our passion to the test.
Our challenge is to make more of Africa’s remaining wild places


We believe our experience in the industry has helped us realise what works, what is sustainable, and what is downright awesome…

One Africa believes in oneness

The world works best when everything is in balance - when the land, wildlife and people are all in tune

One Africa has passion for the planet

We believe in doing no harm, whilst encouraging sustainable thinking in our people, projects and partners

One Africa learns through doing

Living by the mantra of hands-in not hand-outs since it is only through ‘doing’ that real change is made

One Africa is innovative yet realistic

Implementing practical, marketable solutions that are eco-innovative, fresh and exciting

One Africa is co-creative
None of our solutions emerge in isolation – whilst we love to innovate and explore new ideas through challenging the old, we ensure our partners and clients get involved in, and champion every step of the process